The place of pilgrimage: St. Mary's Church of the Assumption

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The most important data:
8.11.1620 the Battle of White Mountain
1622 building a small chapel
1703-30 from the initiative of Prague burghers and artists was established the baroque complex
1787 the place of pilgrimage abolished by a decree of Emperor Joseph II
1811 the pilgrimage place was renewed thanks to Josef Czapek, priest and canon of the Prague Castle chapter, and again amply visited. In 1827 it was transferred under the administration of Benedictines at Brevnov
2007 the former parish house and adjacent buildings have become home to Benedictine sisters – the community Venio OSB (

The Baroque complex located on the highest spot of Prague has always suffered from climate and environmental influences, but due to its strategic position and historical meaning also from being misused by various ruling powers.

Benedictine sisters, who administrate the entire complex, are trying to raise financial funds for a massive reconstruction of this area. The whole project should be supported by the EEA and Norway grants.
Thanks for every allowance or prayer.

Bank account: 5151515151/2700

Regular church services
Sunday – 11:00
Thursday – 17:30 (16:00 at wintertime)

Borrowed from the cathedral´s information booklet.
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